Social Responsibilty

Social Responsibility

There is nothing greater then seeing the smile on a face plagued by hardship, which YOU have helped get there. A time like that is not measured in seconds, days or even years, but rather lifetimes of those whom you have touched

Here at Yes Please, we find it our Responsibility to give back, but make it a matter of brotherhood to help those around us in need find that smile from their soul. We respect all cultures and welcome them into the Yes Please house with open arms.

You dont need to be Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandel or even Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu to give back, stand up and be noticed from your achievements, after all, its not the media that matters, its the hearts and lives you touch that count.

Give back to those who need it more than you, and show the world what you can do.

Movement for good
It starts with you! The Movement for Good is a network of organisations that have come together to inspire and mobilise South Africans to become active citizens for good. Our vision is to build a country that lives its constitutional values, is safe, and has opportunity for all – so that we and our children have hope in our future.
Yes Please Cares Initiative
Yes Please Cares! The Yes Please Cares initiative takes the time out to help the community and those less fortunate then ourselves, so that we can make a difference and put that ever valuable smile on their face. Part of the Yes Please Cares Initiative is our Food Parcel drive, where we locate families in need and proved them with groceries so that they may feed their families. We also have an adoption program whereby we adopt a household and donate our time and invest in the renovation of a home, taking a house for the less fortunate and turning it into a HOME. If you feel you would like to take part in the Yes Please Initiative, please send us an email on


June 2017

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